miércoles, 16 de mayo de 2012

The Grace and the Believer

The Grace and the Believer

One of his more valuable weapons has lost the church; the grace understanding. The believers have not understood his power and importance in our daily life.

Is by the grace of God than our faith he can act. Grace is God's undeserved favor for us; there is no to measure the riches of the grace of God for us.

The word grace is without any doubt more significant word that there is in The Bible.

Grace is a proclamation; is the triumphant announcement that God has acted on our side and is performing on on our side. grace tells us that God he is in favor of us, even we were runing against him.

The epistles use the word grace repeatedly specially in the greetings and the blessings. grace is the same essence of God's character toward us; that's why when the apostles used this term was a powerful blessing word.

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